flower study

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So it’s finally Springtime! Horray for sunnier skies, green grass, and FLOWERS! I love the sense of renewal and hope that spring flowers always seem to evoke. It also doesn’t hurt that my favorite flower is the tulip, which just so happens to be everywhere this time of year!
I’ve been admiring some of the macro photography that’s been popular lately, but sadly I have not yet invested in a macro lens 😦
However! I recently read this article on how to turn my 50mm lens into a makeshift macro lens by detaching it and turning it around. There is definitely a learning curve, but I’m pretty pleased with the results of my first attempt!

One thought on “flower study

  1. Love it!! I just wrote a how to on this too. We call it “bacro” over on photogHER. You can buy like $8 “reverse rings” (amazon) too that mounts the reversed lens onto your camera. I don’t own one but until you get a true macro the reverse rings help with a steady lens. 😀
    Great Captures 🙂


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